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August 10, 2006

Summer of Wed

15 days, 1 missed pay cheque and $3000 in Visa charges - We've survived the summer of matrimony and let me say those open bars are quite nice. Let's review:

Wedding One: Set to the twang of the bluegrass banjo, small-town kids find true love down-by-the-river in this rip-roaring adventure of hillbillies, sculpted mullets and good ole gittin' down- the twist: the bride is not pregnant.

Wedding Two: Cover your head and say your prayers as 4 non-Indian onlookers are astounded by 600 shit-housed Sikh's tangling saris and shaking their gurdwara-makers in a flash of butter chicken and Bhangra/rap remixes.

Weird Weddings


Anonymous Marilyn said...

I love it!! Bolt cutters!!! HAHAHA

10:36 a.m.  

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