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February 09, 2005

Hard Labour & Recycling Self

I lost my job yesterday as the master spindoctor representing the down-and-out. There are no hard feelings about this as money will move from administration to client services. Essentially the homeless will have more shelter, housing, and healthcare - I really can't argue with that. Being "let go" is the disturbing part. I've never been "let go" before. A neighbour in Taiwan once told me that I'd "let myself go", but that was an entirely different circumstance. I mean the world was ending, I had to gain weight to even consider survival post-Apocalypse. It was Y2K!

All this job hunting makes me think of Amiri Baraka, no wait Leroi Jones, no wait Imamu Amiri Baraka. From Black Mountain poet, to Beatnik, to Hippie, to Muslim, to Black Civil Rights Leader - this man is a great self-recycler and a wonderful example of how to survive and not lose your mind.

Leroi and I want a world where people are hired for their enthusiasm and not their contacts. Leroi and I want to build a calculator where passion and commitment are tactical returns on investment. Leroi and I have soft old bodies and sharp minds. Leroi and I liked carrying bullhorns and picket signs. Leroi (not I) is sad the cops don't care about him no more.


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