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February 10, 2005

Inner Circle

General MacArthur said, "There is no security on this earth, only opportunity." Although I am not a Westpoint man, and although I have never actually been an inciting agent for insecurity, I recognize the sentiment.

I took a test today to show my abilities as a writer and critical thinker. I think I did well. Before the test I emailed a woman I met through a non-partisan political school and told her about losing my job. She is a lifecoach for female politicians and wrote back saying, "Everything you need is within your inner circle. All you have to do is access it." Very Yoda-esque. Then she gave me the name of a politician as a reference.

Whoa! I have a politician in my inner circle? I thought all my friends were hippies and techies! Brilliant. It was actually one of my "hippie" friends that got me the interview test in the first place. It is wonderful when those in the inner circle get the success they deserve - essentially they come back to polish the sphere. For a while I was feeling like the smudge on the orb. Und now, let's reminisce on the high school inner circle via the Tommy Chong experience:


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