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January 31, 2010


In the last 2 weeks I've heard other people get upset that so-and-so and what's-her-name are being touted as panel experts. So-and-so is of course an obvious no-talent Twittering hack and the only thing what's-her-name knows is making lovely PowerPoint slides.

NEWS FLASH - most of us ARE both a so-and-so and a what's-her-name. In my everyday life I am mostly shit at the things I do with the exception of about 3 cool things per week. I am genuinely happy to see other people succeed because it has no bearing whatsoever on my 3 cool things. In the vast universe, we are all nobodies and in a Descartes universe we are all no bodies. Try hard at stuff you like.

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Blogger e_eisenberg said...

The brain in a vat link is fantastic. Correction: you are fantastic!

1:43 p.m.  
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