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February 11, 2005

I found an English proverb that said, "What's the use in running when you're on the wrong road?" I'd rather be happy to wake up in the morning and looking for something, then staying in bed with everything I have, sad but true. Moving is growing, is evolution, is learning, is better.

In Hoffman's "Sandman", the main character realises that the love of his life is an automaton. He says, "I looked into her eyes, and saw that they were my own." Can you imagine readers in Medieval Germany even knowing the definition of automaton? The Industrial Revolution is still centuries away. Even before the idea of robots, they knew ennui. Bastards like Sartre and Nietzsche solidified it so that we would ALL know. Thanks very much. We now know the banality of life. Why'd you bother?

Whenever I'm down I look to the "I Have A Dream" speech and other gems, and know that there are people who believe in divine mysteries and in the pursuit of happiness - a much better spin than "nothing matters," or "humans make me nauseas." We are humans. I've never known any different to compare it.


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