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June 06, 2006

Murder Capital of the World, SF 4/8

Corpulent sea lions bark happily under the pier as tourists cook in coconut-oiled clusters, crisping themselves on the alabaster sand. Roller coasters whee, ice machines whirr and karaoke contestants croak- homage to a Santa Cruz sunset.

This is the setting of Jeffrey Boam's vampire classic Lost Boys. (Ah the Coreys) While I'll admit there are plenty of Charles Manson lookalike hippies in Santa Cruz, it's hardly the sort of place you'd suspect someone as creepy as a mullet-sporting Kiefer Sutherland to hang out. Does he ever blink? Still, as the movie indicates, Santa Cruz (or Santa Clara) was once, Murder Capital of the World.


Blogger Shenanigoat said...

wow...that's some fucking crazy killers in Santa Clara, man...& that movie totally ruled.

1:42 a.m.  

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