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May 20, 2006

SF-Numero Uno in an Ocho Part Series

Top 5 things about our new home:
1. We're 3 steps from the elixir of hangovers & the blues- tonkatsu curry donburi. (frickin dericious)
2. Our Israeli neighbours have a nose for interesting Goa trance venues.
3. The comic store is wicked.
4. We can walk with a cup of tea and see Alcatraz lit up at night.
5. Dashiell Hammett of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, created the Maltese Falcon 1 block from here. (As an unemployed goon, I realise the universe is aligning for my hardboiled P.I. career.)

"Look you big peluca, if I hear anymore guff from your fat mug, I'll force-feed your keyster through your gums."


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