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April 21, 2005


After a few weeks of working for the man and having paid off my credit card, I check my hotmail account out of boredom. In the junk mail folder I find a forward from my ex-workplace outlining how my ex-bosses flights and hotel reservations are still being held on my personal credit card. After speaking with expedia and canceling my visa I think- hmm, my ex-boss is really a heartless cow, not only am I not called about this matter, but it seems only the executive assistant (a stranger) cares about it coming out of my pocket.

I love it when Anti-Poverty organizations financially fuck people and are ruled by ass-munching gerbils with the egos of kings.

God bless the frontline social work soldiers of mercy, fuck the ladder climbing Executive Director's of the world who assault our game- may all the homeless people that I hand-counted for you set up a tent city in your waterfront apt. and sneeze all over your stainless steel applicances. Bitch.


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