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May 03, 2007

Three Panel Dooce

Come on now. First Barack Obama's MySpace garbage and now this? Matt of Three Panel Soul (read: Comics) was recently fired from his contract position with the Navy for discussing guns in the workplace. Now, I discuss guns in the workplace all the time because of my "Save the Breasts" mantra, but in this case, he was talking about shooting paper targets with a .22. Sure, this is a totally idiotic discussion, but it probably only warrants a terror threat orange - which we all know is pretty much standard at this point. Unfortunately, Matt's workplace gun discussion was on the same day as the Virginia Tech shootings and people lost it. This reminds me of a story I read in 2002 about Heather B. Armstrong, the graphic designer who edited at night. Heather, who never named any coworkers or the company name, was fired because the organization's HR folks found her blog posts. Shit man, what is even the point in protecting a country where you can't be yourself?

*Note: There was a written explanation up on Three Panel Soul, but I assume it was taken down due to some sort of confidentiality agreement?

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