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April 22, 2007

Earth Day: The Second Coming of Brown Jesus

Brand strategist/genius Steve Barretto will be at SF's Wed night Pecha Kucha- a showcase of 12 talented designers from across more than 10 mediums. Barretto is best known for his creation of Brown Jesus, a graphic design movement to popularize Christ's true skin tone pantone 1545. Barretto's company, also recently launched the Clever Homes site, an online catalogue of some seriously kick-ass prefabricated homes. Also, might I suggest that if you're looking for green homebuilding alternatives, that you visit Tree Hugger's Green Guides. Happy Earth Day!
Addendum: WTF Steve? Umm, so I went to see Brown Jesus and you weren't there. Sure there were a couple people I thought were cool like the guy that programmed the synced video/sound compositor, and the guy who designs musical instruments...but I DID NOT appreciate the guy trying to sell us LCD television sets. AND didn't even show. The real brown Jesus wouldn't blow off his disciples. The real brown Jesus says you ruined Christmas.

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Anonymous Teg Bains said...

Are you saying that the skin colour is the same as the University of Manitoba's logo?

That's just tripping..

11:40 p.m.  

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