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April 01, 2005


Get a new job as a civil servant and the man really keeps you down. A few things of note:
  1. Robert Creeley, Black Mountain poet, doe-eyed sexy pacifist soul-searcher died at 78.
  2. My boyfriend discovers the Worm Within- shit and piss jokes made to look like a children's book.
  3. Props to my friend's band, The Panic.
  4. A few days ago while watching South Park, a friend and I discovered Wing and meant to blog about a few days later, her site is completely stripped and rebuilt, she's got this download option where you have to pay, and she's fucking gone Hollywood. Very William Hung of you Wing.
  5. Wanted to begin coproducing a screenplay with my buddy Teg called, "Charlie Brown" - an Indo-exploitation film about a jive talking Indian mamajama in Vietnam; however, the Clash's "Charlie Don't Surf" song really takes the punch out of it.

Well, off to the lexical assault mines. Damn it, I get two weeks into a new job and all the hipness fades right out, like the washing machine has a laggard cycle.


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