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April 04, 2005

Mensa: Sweating to the Smarties

So the la-di-da folks at Mensa, the top 2% in IQ test scores, have created a workout. I sincerely doubt that it touches Winsor Pilates or even Billy Blank's Tae Bo. Whatever you're smart. Funny is the new smart. Plus, for a bunch of supposed geniuses, your website looks like ass.
Okay, so I got 23/30 which is what 75? I took a little over 40 minutes, which I see is ten minutes past the alloted time. Still, factoring in the delay from bong resin and the slowing factor of hops and barley, I figure I'm 1/4 mortal, and 3/4 snotty intellectual elitist! Take that you fuckers! I'm way more immature than I am stupid.


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