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March 21, 2007

SUN: Chardonnay Wilson's Champagne Croquet

You are cordially invited to experience the rapture, the awe, the Merrick-like spectacle of Chardonnay Wilson’s Champagne Croquet. +++Sun. Mar. 25 (11am)+++Golden Gate Park-Speedway Meadow. (map)

You bring:
A canapé/crudité/snack plate- we want 1 at each wicket
-The things you'd like to drink, eat & bbq
-A simple costume relating to croquet (refer to below movies & books featuring croquet)

**LIST OF CROQUET MEDIA: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) - Lewis Caroll, A Room with a View (1908) - E.M. Forster, Nosferatu (1922) - F.W. Murnau, Howard's End (1910) - E.M. Forster, The Great Gatsby (1925) -F. Scott Fitzgerald, Love (1927) - Greta Garbo, Anna Karenina (1935) - Greta Garbo, Feather Dusted (1955) - Foghorn Leghorn (That chicken hawk), I'm Just Wild About Jerry (1965) - Tom & Jerry, Savages (1972), Heathers (1989) - Winona Ryder & Christian Slater, The Remains of the Day (1989) - Kazuo Ishiguro, Three Men and a Little Lady (1990) - Tom Selleck, The Avengers (1998) - the one with Uma & Ralph Fiennes, Anna and the King (1999) - Jodi Foster & Chow Yun-Fat & my personal favorite, King Ralph (2001) - John Goodman


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