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May 30, 2008

Flight of the Conchords: Google I/O

On Tuesday I went to Google's I/O party where I was pleased to watch Flight of the Conchords play. I even made friends with the security guard and got some covert video footage. We talked about how Google had paid a bundle to hire the band to play for only 2000 developers at Moscone West and how one guard's sole job is to stop amateur videographers from taking footage and posting it to YouTube. However, because Google owns YouTube, doesn't it stand to reason that the company would actually make money from uploads? Or for that matter, doesn't embedding it into my Blogger blog also make Google money through impressions? Then I thought about Flight of the Conchords. Would uploaded concert video prevent fans of the lovable Kiwis from buying concert tickets or tuning in? Actually, it would do the opposite and act as free promotional b-reel. All of these were moot points when I got home to find a series of 4 min over-exposed clips of two bobbing heads behind a hulking security guard. know why professional photographers get gorgeous shots? Because their tripods don't get tipsy on free beer and gush to the security guard. Angry dance>>


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