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December 19, 2008

Lessig, Culture & Intrepid Theatre

We went to Lawrence Lessig's book launch party months ago, but I'm only now cracking the book to read it. For once, I'm really enjoying my morning commute.

In Remix, Lessig calls on his readers to consider the amateur. He writes, "If you want to respect YoYo Mah, try playing a cello." He talks about how important it is to create culture rather than simply consuming it.

This leads me to my preachy point. Intrepid Theatre, host of the Victoria Fringe Festival and original home of One Man Star Wars, is looking for a new board member. (I used to be one) If you've got abilities as a promoter, social media marketer, event planner, designer or just plain networker, get involved. Email them. There's only 1 meeting a month, you meet cool people, and you keep early-stage Canadian comedy and entertainment alive. You can also try your hand at writing your own play through their Petri Dish competition.

Angelina Jolie cannot be the only person making culture, for God's sake, it's not like she can adopt all of us.

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