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November 08, 2008

My President is Black!

This week was crazy! Barack Obama was voted the first racialized president in the United States. I wrote about my feelings here.

Proposition 8 passed, and San Franciscans lamented in seeing a piece of regressive garbage get codified into the California state constitution...And the Web 2.0 Conference was this week.

While equal marriage rights and Lessig, O'Reilly and
Lionel Ritchie are great, I couldn't stop thinking about the US presidential election.

After my grandparents were interned during WW2, they were afraid of having their home, fishing boat and bank accounts seized again. Sixty years after the war, and a week after my grandma's funeral, we found thousands in cash hidden in their home. Watching a person of color elected the President of the United States is like watching a dream. This is an amazing moment in history.

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