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February 15, 2005

Ghost in the Shell vs Electronic Typewriter Girl

I watched Ghost in the Shell 2 two nights ago. Did you know that according to Masamune, the driver sits on the right side of the car? And that they speak Japanese in the future? And that things like dismemberment are not quite as bad when you are looking through a cybernetically modified lens? This future looks scary...all the people who've been brutalised by systemic degradation and sexual exploitation will have their ghosts inhabit bot bodies and upon confrontation will rip open their flesh to reveal a puzzle-like shell that will immediately clatter open and send out a small explosion leveling all those in its path. "Dai- suke desu", they say, and when no one helps them, they help themselves. Women are MAD and they aren't gonna take it anymore.
This is a completely different reading than the one my sweetheart had I'm sure, him being a self-taught programmer from the age of eleven. So it's 2005, and give or take a few months, he was programming in 1994? I was losing my virginity, drinking in fields, and learning how to drive. Jesus, I told you my friends are brilliant. Wow! It's like in "Cranium" he has always been on the fast track, and I am rolling green everytime. Excellent, I have aligned with a prodigy...and I am the firestarter?
In any case, if you want to email Sensei Masamune (not his real name by the way), or if you are a ludite writer in a cottage industry such as myself, you can snail mail him at: Mr. Masamune Shirow c/o Seishinsha Co., Ltd. Shinkosan Building 710 1-13-38 Hishi-honmachi Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi T550, Japan.
* Please write in Japanese-it is the language of the future. (Dictionary link below)


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