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February 16, 2005

Memory Lane: My High School

People with Cruel Parents

  1. Anita Mann - unfortunate exchange student
  2. Andres Yu
  3. Mike Cox
  4. Jan Chan- rhymes
  5. Mr. Beaton- with Scottish accent he pronounced it Master Bating

Cruel Highschool Nicknames

  1. Gail the Whale
  2. Muffy-re: pubicare
  3. Spanky-masterbation & a Yearbook
  4. Two-bucks- a construction site, a need for bus fare, & oral sex
  5. Fire crotch
  6. Half-a-beera Mira
  7. Freak & Skid- used interchangably for the poor kid
  8. Eczema Warrior Princess


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