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February 20, 2005


Have ventured from the sleepy City of Victoria back home to visit friends, family, and complete a contract. Good to see familiar faces and be in a place where I can drive faster than 30km. Went to a Chinese New Year party that an aquaintance from the magazine world was holding. Stuffed myself into a Chinese dress that was 2 sizes too small and said aloud, "goddamn you skinny Chinese bitches." Went to old friend's house with dress zipper undone, listened to his self-composed music. Am convinced he has muppet genes. Saw the ex, a gruff version of his former lovable self, marveled at how we grow old. Collapsed on girlfriend's sofa to a symphony of cats, awoke to a homemade latte. Perfection. Nice to take vacation on old stomping grounds. Will go back into Vancouver for contract tommorow, damn happy that I've got something to sustain me for a little while. Sincere hopes that the people from the interview liked me better than I thought they liked me. Miss sweetheart and wish his boney legs would rub next to mine in bed. Change is in the air. Optimism rules, pessimism drools.


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