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February 17, 2005

Tales From the Belly of the Beast

Whenever I talk to the sweetheart I feel better about the world. It's good to have someone whose optimism is resilient under pressure. It didn't hurt that I got an email from the Mayor today as well. Good times.
Will continue plugging away with resumes, and will continue to earn my time in the cauldron of chaos. Micheal Broughton said, "The world is a tournament between stupidity and imagination." Experiencing life as a gay man outside of San Francisco or Vancouver, I believe he knows what it is like to fight an uphill battle.
Something interesting in the newspaper: A tenant of a building that suddenly engulfed in flames was charged with murder after the Saanich Volunteer Fire Department found a body within the home. After seeing the tenant's name, I believe he may have been a former client and difficult one at that. It is sad because he has a severe mental illness and it has been extremely hard to help him.


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