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July 18, 2007

Child Terrorist

On June 24, Timberline High School student Josh Glazebrook sent an email to his principal telling him he was going to blow up the school. The kid not only used a detection scrambling software to get the cops to track the messages back to a computer in Italy, but he had the gigantic balls to set up a MySpace group about the bomb threats (It's already been taken down). But, according to a comment on this weird emo-kid's sci-fantasy MySpace page, Josh is 15-years-old and is being held on 7 bomb threats, 2 counts of identity theft and one felony. I've incorporated Josh's image into my comic today. Notice his blinged out razor phone, oversized shirt and how he is throwing up a gang sign - is that the Timberline Valley Assassins? Oh no wait, that would be the gang I'd start if I lived in Lacey Washington. I see Macaulay Culkin playing Josh Glazebrook in the television movie. All of this net-terrorism has me thinking. Schools in Washington State must be pretty good. When I was 15 I couldn't even figure out how to hide my cigarettes from my mom. Anyways, my basteeya is burning (cinnamon + chicken + filo + powdered sugar= AWESOME). I must go tend to it.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having been a friend of Josh myself, since nearly kindergarten actually, i have to say i was very shocked when i found out it was HIM in our Blazer newspaper. Even though i kind of thank him for making those bomb threats during our schools stupid Social Studies Final, at the same time i was mad at him because my feet began to hurt having to walk up and down to the soccer field almost every freakin day.

PS. washington is boring, and t-line sucks im glad were getting a new school built.

11:20 p.m.  

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