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September 28, 2007

The Weak in Review: Love and Global Domination

I'm not sure I thought it through well when I decided to connect my personal blog ( to my Facebook note feed. Ex-colleagues and high school mates have now managed to infiltrate my profile and are sullying up my reputation. Thank God I'm in the new dot com bubble. Half of this industry rose to power via porn aggregators and browsers, so I doubt my foul mouth is even a blip on the radar of HR recruiters.

Last week we went to a wedding where the couple's first dance was a Bollywood Musical scene complete with synchronized wedding party dance transitions. Mr. Wonderful unfortunately refuses to dance so we light bulbed in spirit. On Tues, I went to an online organizing event where I met Nish, one of the community members and first employees at Yelp. These guys are amazing, they're honoring foodies everywhere and their monthly site traffic is 5 million viewers. (One sixth the population of Canada)

Yesterday we had our first meeting of the Global Domination club and I got a little drunk. I fear I've exposed myself as a liability and will be sent off with a bogus supervisory role in the Arctic. I wonder if my responsibilities include managing the ice breaker team searching for the center of the earth.

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