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November 17, 2007


This week I sprang into action as an adult after a series of awful events erased everything I've worked on. Thank you to my tech friends for having the tact to shut the fuck up. It's important to remember that I am the marketing director not the CTO and that when my eyes are filled with tears I don't want technical advice - I want a hug and a beer.

The week ended well when I met with the folks from Stylemob. Cofounder Sasha Cagen just wrote a book called, "The To-do List" - a series of lists that reveal who we are.

As a communications person, I wrote a list of the worst things I've ever said or written:
  • I'm sorry, we have not seen your son in 2 months
  • It appears you do not qualify for financial assistance at this time. Do you have temporary housing?
  • We are taking steps to rectify the issue of the uninvestigated infant deaths
  • You have been in contact with someone suffering from HIV
  • While they recovered more than 100,000 pieces of DNA evidence, your sister was not a match. They will call as soon as they locate the body.
After looking at the list I realized internet crises are for complete wimps. While I feel thoroughly shat upon this week, I know that for the most part I am one lucky bastard.

  • My Love and Best Friend
  • Cool Friends
  • Supportive Family
*Funny how some of the worst moments can make you feel the most loved. Thanks.

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