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July 16, 2008

Coffee & Aspirin Stat

Yesterday's Mashable party was fun. I told Scott Beale I loved his photography, I met some really cool art and film-related tech folks, and I called someone a creep with a smile on my face. Dale Carnegie would've been proud. The morning was another story. My power cord stopped charging and I went to the Stonestown Galleria because I was afraid of downtown iPhone fanaticism. I got lost, there was a lineup, and my assigned Genius was a kid humming Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk while wearing Geordi La Forge glasses. I tried to plug in at the nearby Tully's and was told I couldn't, despite the free wifi. I just got home and it's freaking 4:00 pm. Sometimes I think reality and SF's population density is enabling my underachievement.

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