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August 17, 2008

Allen Ginsberg, Geist & Talent

Yesterday I realized that for a good part of my life I've been chasing ghosts. I found out that my friend lived in the same apartment as Allen Ginsberg. Then I realized that despite the fact that my friend is a regular fixture in our home, I know more about Allen Ginsberg. I'm tired of assuming that the remarkable people in the world are either dead or far away. I'm ashamed that I haven't talked more about the talented people that I know firsthand.

My friends Koshi and Jess finally made it to their 40th day at Zeitgeist. Koshi blogs the dive bar experience here.

Koshi is a visual designer and photographer, while Jess is the technology editor at the Institute for the Future and an extremely savvy and honest writer. While they don't know it, once these two decide on an independent full-time project, whether together or separately, they are going to be unstoppable. Once they read this, Jess will say something mean in order to mask her embarrassment. I don't care. Someone needs to fund their graphic novel / asshole bumper sticker series / rock 'n roll podcast biking tour of SF / whatever. The ironic silkscreen poster series shtick has been co-opted by hacks. These two are legit and we're all fans.

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