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July 21, 2008

Weird Science: Barbie, AutoCAD & Robert Downey Jr.

I just re-watched Weird Science last night on Hulu and while I really enjoyed it, a number of questions arose.
1. How did the film manage to cast Robert Downey Jr AND "Hook" (of Hook and the Daggers) from Thrashin' as stock bro villains?
2. How in the world did an oafish ham like Steven Seagal manage to marry a dishy babe like Kelly Le Brock?
3. And lastly, how could two high school kids build an autonomous humanoid robot using AutoCAD, a barbie doll and some scanned Playboy photos? Did the Christmas miracle scene get cut?

I remember hearing the stories about how politicians used to cite War Games to illustrate the potential threat to US security, but honestly...Matthew Broderick probably can't even program his TIVo to record his wife's Sex in the City reruns. If computers, programmers and robots were half as powerful as they are in movies like War Games, Weird Science and Real Genius, the world would be a different place. Imagine the data transfer speed required to manufacture and transport Kelly LeBrock through a phone line in a single evening? Amazing. Thousands of sexy ladybots would be down at the Apple Store right now waiting in line for our new iPhones.

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