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September 24, 2008

The High Seas, 2 Cups and one girl & Ukuleles

Two major great events have happened in the past week.

1. Firstly, only two days after Talk Like a Pirate Day we went sailing on the high seas of Santa Cruz with Cen, James and Swerdlow. My sweetheart played Captain Calico Jack Rackham while I played Anne Bonny. Judging by the amount of weight I've gained lately, I'll have no problem pleading my belly.

2. I made matching cups. This is not a clever innuendo. I actually sat down with 2 different clumps of mud, plopped them down on a spinning pottery wheel and sculpted 2 matching cups with my bare hands. This is a real accomplishment given that my hands resemble tiny brown hams. I now know how Michelangelo felt when he formed David from a single piece of marble. Firstly, comes the realization that you've created more byproduct than actual product. Secondly, despite what the world may want you to believe, you realize that you are in fact a useful human being with hidden talents.

There is a guy on the Caltrain playing the ukulele and he's great. Today is a great day.

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