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August 31, 2008


You know how in teen movies, the girl everyone calls a nerd is just a regular girl in glasses and a ponytail? Well today I went to the Richmond District bespectacled and ponytailed and after trying on a few outfits at a Chinese boutique, a great looking Russian lady (sans glasses) co-opted my clerk and left me cast aside like the $10 bin. I am convinced if I had shown up geek-to-chic as opposed to chic-to-geek, this would have never happened. I spent money to appear more attractive. It only made me seem desperate.

TechCrunch just covered a one page Net Neutrality debate article by Opposing Views . I like that they covered it. I don't like that they did it on Labor Day Weekend when only nerds like me are online. It's like they are preaching to the ugly choir.

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