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February 24, 2005

Why Neo-Nazis have no place in the Lower Mainland

1. They spend most of the day eatting lunch as their rice doesn't stick together and they try to eat each individual grain with a fork.
2. They hate Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus - all people you must chit chat with while eagerly awaiting your personal venti skinny chai latte.
3. They have no sense of zeitgeist as they only use white-made products, so compact cars, television sets, computers, and vibrators are completely out of the question.
4. They cannot walk in areas that sound "injun" or ethnic, such as "Kitsilano", Chinatown, etc; however, they ironically, can hangout in Richmond and Surrey.
5. All other groups with the name "pseudo", "neo", or "quasi" in it must be composed of angry university graduates - and I sincerely doubt that liberal westcoast education is a component of essential nazi living.
Article on Nazi's and Applebee's


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