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March 01, 2005


Norton Anti-Virus coupled with Symantec is my nemesis. I am applying for jobs and of course they want things faxed to them, so me having a flashy cv, I PDF it all and send it to my mom - someone I know processes in analogue. She can't print a PDF because she is afraid to download reader, and once she has reader, Norton tells her that the document has a virus. It doesn't.
  • For one thing, there is no way that someone in mass media communications should be faxing their cv,
  • and secondly there is no way that it should be in a word document. IT'S MARKETING! If your CV looks like shit, why should your projects be any different? Style over substance.
So not only is my mom a technological laggard, but so are these potential employers. Fabulous. ***NOTE TO TECHNOLOGICAL LAGGARDS: read up a little, explore your computer. Nothing will explode. Hackers don't care about your letters or your resumes. They are not looking to take normal people down - just Bill Gates.

Become an active learner. Stop watching television. It is making you passive to the point that people have to tell you how to download reader, get free programs, or even, how to start your computer. You can bitch about the good old days as much as you want, but because the rest of the world is passing you by, it is you that is being the stubborn dinosaur. (The traditionalist that you hated in your youth.)


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