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February 25, 2005

Why a good man is good to keep

  1. He likes the cut of your jib and lets you know it by telling you to your face, cupping your butt, and making you pumpkin pie.
  2. He thinks about you, not Angelina Jolie, while in the shower...and other places while naked.
  3. He knows your rants are psychotic episodes, but decides not to suggest chlorpromazine or nefazodone because he knows that the blood clots and blockage of dopamine will put an end to your unique brand of wacky.
  4. He never makes it feel like a chore to be with you.
  5. He would build a time machine and not a robot of you if you died.
  6. *Because you love him back.

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Anonymous Teg Bains said...

While on one hand it's nice to have at least one hot chick talk about keeping the nice guys, it's also a good thing you're not licensed to prescribe drugs.

Nefazadone is not an anti-psychotic. And chlorpromazine isn't typically used very often for psychosis. I'd suggest looking at risperidone or olanazapine.

3:24 p.m.  

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