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March 02, 2005


  • Oregon is the only North American state/province to have a "Death with Dignity Act" something that Bush's administration would like to see go...presumably because life is so precious and valuable and because only God and the American military can phase you out.
  • Not so...with Bush as 46th Governor of the State of Texas, death penalties were doled out like Halloween candy, with Texas leading capital punishment in the US for many years. (171 during Bush's time)
  • Now, they have a website where you can view the gender and racial statistics of death row offenders. With only 3 categories of race, Black people definitely get it bad.

Moral of this story: Not everything can be broken down into binary oppositions ie. "Euthanasia- right or wrong". Even terror alerts come in more than one is in the various shades where you'll find your own personal brand of morality...or not.

For Christians: Please stop co-opting Starbucks with your Church of David cafes. They suck-the lattes are watery, the layout is awkward, and no one listens to tapes anymore- they will NOT be the next big thing.


Anonymous Mattimus Prime said...

wow.. is there actually such a thing as Church of David cafes?

sweet jesus.

in other news:

8:44 p.m.  
Blogger Suzy Perplexus said...

Of course the Cafes are real. Just like the fear of God is real. Ironically, both culminate in the Fraser Valley.

12:32 p.m.  

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