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October 04, 2008

Fair Trade, Organizing & the WTO

Alright, I feel dirty for mentioning Dance Floor Dale in my last post. As the campy deejay at my now defunct roller rink used to say, "Let's take a little moment now and slow it down for the sweethearts.

So yesterday I wrote emails to some politicians on behalf of my sister-in-law(ish) in order to pit them against each other and create a sense of competitiveness around a good cause. Basically the point is to get folks to agree to purchase Fair Trade for 30-days. It made me miss working at nonprofit organizations. I don't miss the low pay or having people treat me like an idiot whenever I suggest social media campaigns. But I saw a 10-year anniversary poster for the 1999 WTO rally and am reminded of how much I've changed. I believe most of the same things, but my approach has changed dramatically. I'm trying to catch flies with honey, and trust me, when you're full of as much piss and vinegar as I am, it's actually pretty difficult. My old self would call my new self an "armchair activist." My new self realizes that I have always had a roof, support network and the voice to change the attitudes and perceptions of my peers. There is no big bad evil. There's only stupidity, apathy and life-saving flashes of brilliance.

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