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October 22, 2008

A Winter's Tale: Canadians & the Economic Climate

Yesterday evening, for the first time in meat life, I met Boris and Danny from Bootup Labs and James from AdHack. As I sat there surrounded by jovial Canadian entrepreneurs, I thought to myself, "Where was this group of hungry pioneers when I lived in Canada?" Then I realized they were there, but that I had not yet developed an interest in technology.

My laptop was once a typewriter. It's sort of similar to having telekinesis and only using it to change TV channels.

I'm proud of the fact that I came from a legitimate Joe six-pack (or rather Johnny eight-ball) town and have taken the time to learn something complex during my adulthood. Although the American economy is seriously hitting the fan, I feel damn lucky by what I've been given and shown in life. Things are going to be fine. We remember living cheaply. We just need to put our heads down and stop screwing around on the indoor climb walls.

Exit stage left...pursued by a bear [market]...

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