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June 22, 2005

Ugly Television: A Schmear Campaign

Homeless Vancouver
Originally uploaded by Suzy Perplexus.

Douglas St. is steeping with homeless people. They line the streets like flea market throwaways, the discarded tchotckes of dead mothers & relationships run awry.

Yesterday night I watched about 100 homeless on Speaker's Corner on the New VI. (Remember TV?)

The concept: you put $1 into a camera & you get your own 30 second PSA. I knew about 50% of them from my past life in social services. Wow, the idea of ugly television is fascinating. I think VI should start letting homeless people talk for free- it's like therapy & advocacy all at once. Mukluks are the new uggs, Kabbalah is the new Scientology, Homeless is the new hot minority group. Everyone in patches.
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