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August 30, 2006

When a good thing goes bad...

So when I got my job I was so happy to work only 3 blocks from home...then yesterday some guy has a breakdown and runs down 14 people within those blocks during my lunch hour...Jesus Christ.

August 18, 2006

)( Warxing

Does anyone else think it's ironic that Japantown has lukewarm wifi while the Mission District is fucking caliente? Anyways, in my quest for 3 bars I came across Placesite and plan on checking it out...I really hope this isn't a ploy to lure nerdy girls with no upperbody strength to remote locations.

Hmm, so it occurs to me that you may have forgotten warxing

August 10, 2006

Summer of Wed

15 days, 1 missed pay cheque and $3000 in Visa charges - We've survived the summer of matrimony and let me say those open bars are quite nice. Let's review:

Wedding One: Set to the twang of the bluegrass banjo, small-town kids find true love down-by-the-river in this rip-roaring adventure of hillbillies, sculpted mullets and good ole gittin' down- the twist: the bride is not pregnant.

Wedding Two: Cover your head and say your prayers as 4 non-Indian onlookers are astounded by 600 shit-housed Sikh's tangling saris and shaking their gurdwara-makers in a flash of butter chicken and Bhangra/rap remixes.

Weird Weddings

A flying roundhouse axekick to absolutes