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September 28, 2007

The Weak in Review: Love and Global Domination

I'm not sure I thought it through well when I decided to connect my personal blog ( to my Facebook note feed. Ex-colleagues and high school mates have now managed to infiltrate my profile and are sullying up my reputation. Thank God I'm in the new dot com bubble. Half of this industry rose to power via porn aggregators and browsers, so I doubt my foul mouth is even a blip on the radar of HR recruiters.

Last week we went to a wedding where the couple's first dance was a Bollywood Musical scene complete with synchronized wedding party dance transitions. Mr. Wonderful unfortunately refuses to dance so we light bulbed in spirit. On Tues, I went to an online organizing event where I met Nish, one of the community members and first employees at Yelp. These guys are amazing, they're honoring foodies everywhere and their monthly site traffic is 5 million viewers. (One sixth the population of Canada)

Yesterday we had our first meeting of the Global Domination club and I got a little drunk. I fear I've exposed myself as a liability and will be sent off with a bogus supervisory role in the Arctic. I wonder if my responsibilities include managing the ice breaker team searching for the center of the earth.

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September 12, 2007

The Sorting Hat

I just finished the new Harry Potter book on Monday. I got hooked on them in South Africa when I saw how popular they were with native Zulu and Afrikaans speakers. Is this the second most widely translated text today? (Next to the Bible of course)

I have always been convinced that if I were to be sorted by a Sorting Hat, that I would end up in the Slitherin house. I think this is because I am self-aware enough to know that as a general rule, nobody likes marketers. I also think that patent lawyers, plastic surgeons, fashion models and the IRS would default there as well. However, I just started my new job at Respectance and I think now I may be a hardworking Hufflepuff.

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September 04, 2007

Back in Action

Oh baby. I am back on the internet like an Asian on rice. (Consequently the first thing I ate after camping) I have bathed twice, have finished the laundry and have even washed the car. I am a productive city slicking machine. Thank goodness for RSS feeds - before 10am this morning I felt like a misplaced time traveller or worse, Crocodile Dundee in New York City. Things I have already discovered this morning:
1. Wikipedia has a list of unusual deaths that began as "List of people who died with tortoises on their heads"

2. XKCD features an awesome comic about action movies and in a related move I dug up the old Josh Whedon videos for Serenity.

3. David Shrigley's photography is funny. I like this one because it reminds me of how my hair smelled last night.

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September 03, 2007

Camping for Dummies

We went camping. I haven't really worked enough lately to warrant a vacation; however, camping is a different thing. Friends become enemies, lovers become ex-lovers and showering amounts to a tawdry encounter with a wash cloth and a rusty spigot. I believe that act is entitled a "whore's bath" and the great painter Toulouse-Lautrec captured it from every humiliating angle.

Camping highlights as newspaper headlines: 1. Pitching a Tent in the Dark, Not Just Innuendo
2. Rabbit's Death-cry Muffled by Coyote Quintet, Sleeping Campers Mad
3. Ocean Chills Beer, Dusty Hikers Pleased
4. Scientific Discovery: Warm Outhouses Make Jesus Cry
5. Raccoons! In an Adventure with Canadians...
Happy Labor Day!

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