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July 21, 2006

The bigger man...

Have you ever hit a Chinese midget with an overbite in the forehead with a 16 ounce beer? I know...a 16 ounce. Anyways, I have...accidentally...and incidently, I'm huge in China.

My new favorite Wednesday night beer

July 20, 2006

On Coming Into One's Own

Last night we won a messenger bag in a raffle and I am convinced that at last...I AM a titan...a monolith...nothing can stop me...Except I cannot figure out how to do up the straps.

July 18, 2006

On Growing Old


July 16, 2006

Teatro ZinZanni

If you like carnies, musicals & open bars, you'll love Teatro ZinZanni. For $150, you get a 5 course meal, a great show, & the chance to humiliate your friends for getting boners over the contortionist.

July 09, 2006

Viva Italia!

Italian sayings in honour of the World Cup champions:
coglione m. testicle...also known as the French.
merda f. excrement...also known as the French.
porcaccione m. pig, slob...also known as the French.

It's not that I even care about soccer. It's that for one day the French are paying for inflicting Celine Dion/Roch Voisine on Anglo-Canadians. Cirque du soleil and spin on that. Losers!

July 07, 2006


Okay, so I've changed the template so that anyone (not just members) can comment. Don't let me down.

Yes...I know, Ninja Turtles are over. It's just that Krang is so freaking funny.

July 05, 2006

Oh Canada- What it's Aboot.

Oh Canada, my home & native land. I forgot aboot you, eh? You must be used to it by now...never winning Olympic medals, never producing movie stars & never really understanding capitalism. I love your meat raffles, your green giants & your nuke-free zones.

Without the CBC, Canada would be nowhere. We would be illiterate Fox Television idiots. There would be no Can-con, no French Canadian fiddle hour & no Vinyl Cafe.

July 04, 2006

Independence Day

And...because even with the Bush Administration in, the Senate still allows flag burning as a constitutional right.

A flying roundhouse axekick to absolutes