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December 19, 2007

Run Joel Run

Joel Allen, UVic graduate and one of the lovable twenty-somethings who helped build Whistler BC's social networking site, has decided to retire. Exhausted by the glamor of code monkeying in a Rainbow Park chalet-style basement suite, he has just launched Run Joel Run, a chronicle of his adventures.

I know, I know. You may think he's hamming it up for the cameras, but nope, this is just Joel. He attributes his playful and sometimes nonsensical banter to being knocked unconscious by a golf ball at a driving range.

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December 16, 2007

Glitter and Gold

Let's debrief. Last night a group of thirty-somethings pretended they were 19 and hurt themselves by gyrating too hard. The morning was a dark reminder that aging can be wretched.

It also reminded me of the Spice Girls' comeback effort. Imagine my surprise when I opened my reader feed to find that Posh's side-boob fat has been offending Londoners left, right and center.

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December 11, 2007

Birthday Parties

We're throwing 2 friends a joint b-day party at SYN lounge on Saturday night. It'll be a private party- just us. Dress cute - the Raider Nation will survive one night without you representing.

Dec 15, 9PM
SYN LOUNGE: 21st & Bryant, (the Mission)

These are the DJ's so far: Jay Likewise, Gravity, A. Schneider on Drums, BuzzKill

*Incidentally, here is the link to the Swedish painter.

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December 07, 2007

The Season of Giving

The big tree in Union Square is blinking, a pashmina landslide has devoured H&M and the tourists have become more of a nuisance as they block my walk to work. Damn. It's almost Christmas.

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel just released a "Scared of Santa" series of photos. If you had to squish poopy butts onto your lap while smiling at the mall all day, you'd smell like bourbon too.

Suck it up kids, it gets worse.

*Thanks for the link Erin!

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December 06, 2007

A Proclamation

December 03, 2007


Last night we went to the Ozomatli concert at the Fillmore. I danced myself retarded when Slimkid3 (one of the original members of Pharcyde) performed "She Keeps on Passing Me By". There were about 20% of us that knew the words and the rest were too young to remember. I think I qualify as a cougar now.

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December 01, 2007

Hilldog's Campaign Office Heats Up

Hey hey hey! Got a story 'bout Hilldog.

A man held 4 volunteers hostage in
Hilary Clinton's Rochester New Hampshire campaign office last night with what appeared to be a bomb attached to his body. The bomb squad and SWOT Team were called in while all of downtown Rochester was closed.

Karen Anderson from WBZTV tries to pimp up the news story as if it is a terrorist act; however, the front desk clerk at the nearby Governor's Inn who spoke to the hostage taker's stepson, was convinced that the weapons used were actually 2 harmless roadside flares. She was right.

I understand that if a man says he has a bomb to take it seriously; however, at what point do we cry

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